Leica MP Collection Guide


Leica MP stands for “Mechanical Perfection” which marks the pinnacle of Leica film cameras. Leica MP is a personal favourite film camera and I have had the pleasure of owning all sorts of variants Leica MP cameras including Leica MP Black Paint, Leica MP Matte Chrome a la carte, Leica MP-6, Leica MP3 LHSA, Leica MP Anthracite and other Limited Editions.

Read below for the Most well-known and Rare collectible Leica MP Editions:


Leica MP

Ongoing Production


The Leica MP with its perfection craftsmanship incorporating cosmetic features of the M3 including the advance and rewind levers combined with the modern conveniences of the M6 such as TTL metering, shutter speed dial, film loading and motor interface. This combination created the most mechanical perfected film camera ever by Leica hence named the “Leica MP.”



Leica MP-3 LHSA

Limited to 1000 Pieces (Worldwide)


Leica MP-3 was produced for LHSA (Leica Historical Society of America) back in 2005. The Leica MP-3 retains that Classic M3 look incorporating the convience of a Leics MP body, this combination is what is making it highly desirable. Leica produced 1000 sets of the MP-3 including 500 in chrome and 500 in black paint. All of the sets came in a very nice presentation box, with the camera, Leicavit winder (classic style) and a special edition 50mm Summilux APSH Lens.

The Leica MP3s are a close reproduction of the original Leica MP from the 1950s and 1960s. Only the front battery cover and the back adjusting dial for film speed indicate that the MP3 body is based upon the M6. The MP3 has the raised viewfinder window frame, extended eye bolts (for attaching the strap), and an external frame counter.




Leica MP-6

Limited to 250 Pieces (Japan)


The Leica MP6 was the Prototype Leica MP made exclusive for the Japan Market and only 250 units made out of the factory, making it extremely rare and collectible.

The MP-6 was basically the same as a regular MP, but it comes with the classic vulcanite leather found on the older Leica cameras, a Leica Camera AG Germany engraving on the top plate and on some of the later models an M6 iso selector. These simple cosmetic differences may not sounds like much, but they really make a difference and are instantly noticeable. They set the camera apart from the regular MP.




Leica MP Hammertone LHSA

Limited to 1000 Pieces (Worldwide)


The Leica MP Grey Hammertone LHSA is the 35th Anniversary model for the establishment of the Leica Historical Society of America.

The Camera incorporating a distinctly rare and unique grey hammertone finish, appers to be struck by a hammer. The Leica MP Hammertone Kit includes a Summicron-M 2/35 ASPH lens with the retro look of the 1950s and a Leicavit-M Rapidwinder.




Leica MP Anthracite

Limited to 600 Pieces (Worldwide)


The Highly Exclusive Special Edition Model was designed especially for the Japanese market and only limited to 600 pieces. Its lacquering is entirely hand-applied with Anthracite, and is resistant to abrasion. Anthracite came from Greek word, literally means "a type of coal", from Anthrax. It is a hard, compact variety of mineral coal that has a high lustre. It has the highest carbon count and contains the fewest impurities of all coals, despite its lower calorific content.




Leica MP Edition Hermès

Limited to 500 Pieces (Worldwide)


The elegant LEICA MP Hermès Camera, known as the “Edition Hermès” is a special edition of 500 silver-chrome Leica MP cameras covered with exquisite Barenia calfskin supplied by the famed Parisian high-fashion house Hermès.



Leica MP Olive

Limited to 100 Pieces (Japan)


Leica MP Olive Set which was released to commemorating the opening of the Leica Kyoto store.

Leica MP olive set combines a Leica MP analog film camera with a 35mm f1.4 Summilux-M in silver finish and a cognac color strap. The body and the top and blase plate are made with a olive-colored finish. All operating parts are finished in silver chrome. The set is limited to 100 sets worldwide.




Leica MP Blue Satin

Limited to 10 Pieces (Germany)


Leica Camera AG specifically the Leica Store Berlin will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a very special Limited edition Leica MP Camera, which limited to only 10 units worldwide.

 "The camera housing with all controls as well as the complete version of the Summilux-M 1.4 50mm ASPH. Are neither lacquered nor chromium-plated, but are treated with blue lacquer. Blue Stain (german: "Blaubeize") is an intermediate step in production and stretches as the carrier surface for a later painting. Instead of the varnish we sealed the blue stain two times. This gives the combination a unique look which, on the one hand, subtly underscores the tool character, but on the other hand it also gives a subtle elegance. Each of the 10 cameras has a slightly different "pickling" and is absolutely individual."

Finishing off the camera is a housing cover made of soft grey cowhide and the black frame counter has red engravings. Each one also comes in a special edition box with neck strap.




Leica MP Titanium 

(Looking for One)  

Limited to 150 Pieces (Japan)


I have been searching to buy this MP for years. Please let me know if you or know anyone possibly have one. In my mind, this is the Pinnacle of all Leica film cameras and the Ultimate Piece that’s missing from my collection.

The Leica MP Titanium (0.72) camera was introduced in April 2007 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening of Leica Store Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. It was produced exclusively for the Japanese market and limited to only 150 pieces, which was never made available for sale anywhere other than the Ginza store in Japan.

All exterior metal parts and fittings are made of titanium, similar to the Leica M7 Titanium and the Leica M9 Titan. The camera weighs approximately 90 grams less than a regular MP. Even the special body cap is made from titanium, as is the ISO selector disc on the back of the camera. Titanium is a strong and lightweight metal which is also corrosion resistant, so this camera is very well protected. Unfortunately titanium is a very difficult metal to work with, as it has a very high melting point temperature making it an expensive metal to use in mass production. The Leica MP Titanium is one of the rarest and most beautiful modern M cameras that Leica has ever produced.