Street Portraits


Do you ever have that feeling there isn't much happening around where you live? That you are just taking the same boring shots after another? Most photographers do get that feeling at some stage of their photography journey, they feel that there isn't too many interesting things in the city where you live day-by-day. Well, this is not true, THERE IS ALWAYS INTERESTING PEOPLE OR SUBJECTS AROUND YOU EVERYDAY! If you have or are having this feeling, then It is time for you to re-think about your photographic subjects or starting a new project that will open a new dimension for your photographs.


Next time when you want to go out your home and hit the streets, you should try walking a different route, taking photos of different subjects or keep an eye open for interesting people that captures your attention. I personally believe that EVERY single person has their own story and it is a street photographer's duty to capture that in the best of his/her abilities. If you are afraid of approaching to strangers then you can try all those street photography techniques such as shoot-from-hip, low angle shots, pretending you are shooting something else, etc. However, it is best if a photographer can eventually engage with his subject by approaching them personally and communicate with them, trying to get a glimpse of their moment or their story is the best way to get a natural photograph of the person.


Just remember, there are ALWAYS interesting subjects around you and it is your obligation as a photographer to find them, be open about your photographs, get creative as this will open a new realm of interesting moments. 

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