My name is Jerry Bei, if you are here i am guessing you are either interested in my photographs or would like to know more about me. I am a Lawyer by the day and is currently practicing law in Australia, during my spare time or whenever I can that I love to go out shooting. Working in the Legal profession is very demanding and intellectually challenging but my passion for photography is what keeps driving me and never give it up. My background is of Chinese ethnics but I was raised in the Western culture, therefore I am fully aware of both Asian and Western Cultures to assist the identification of cultural differences across the World.

As a frequent traveler myself, I love to visit as many different countries and cultures as I can. There are many countries I have been to but there are even more places that I would love to explore someday. I love Street Photography and the desire to discover alleyways of an alien country excites me. At the same time, I have encountered the challenges to shoot on the streets of another country. Therefore, it is necessary to make yourself comfortable during your travel, so that you can capture those moments you wanted. 

As a legal practitioner, it is essential for me to let every photographer to become aware of their Photographer's Rights in the context of two divisions:

1) Legal

2) Cultural

In my articles published here, I will go through the relevant Legislation and Common Law with their real-world application in different contexts. There will be analysis of Photographing on distinct types of Property (Public vs Private) and Photography usage (Personal vs Commercial) from a legal perspective. The Possibility of Police Enforcement and how to respond in those stressful situations. In addition, Legal Issues in relation to Copyright and Privacy will also be addressed.