List of Gears that I have used

I am not the one that owned the most gears before but I can say that I gained substantial knowledge on the gears that I have used before. So if you have any questions on any camera equipments, please feel free to ask. I will try share my knowledge with you guys and start writing reviews on some of the gears.

My Gear (Owned Currently & Previously):

Leica M9 Sliver (Custom Carbon Fiber)
Leica MP à la carte (Matte Black Monochrome)
Leica M6 Black
Leica M2

Leica 50mm F1.4 Summilux ASPH M 
Zeiss 50mm F1.5 Sonnar ZM 
Voigtlander 50mm F1.1 Nokton M 
Leica 50 F2.0 Summicron M
Schneider Xenon 50mm F0.95 

Leica 35mm F2.5 Summarit M
Voigtlander 35mm F2.5 Colour-Skopar Pancake M

Leica 21mm F3.4 Super-elmar ASPH M
Zeiss 25mm F2.8 Biogon T* ZM 
Leica WATE 16-18-21mm f/4 Tri-Elmar 

Hasselblad 2000FC/M

Carl Zeiss 150mm F4.0 Sonnar CF T* lens 
Carl Zeiss 100mm F3.5 Planar C T* lens 

Rolleiflex 3.5E2 with Schneider Xenotar 75mm F3.5 lens

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Camera

Sony 16mm F2.8 Pancake
Sony 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 lens

-Ricoh GR1v-
Ricoh 28mm F2.8 lens 

Polaroid 110B

Canon 60D
Canon 5D Mark II

70-200 F2.8 II
100L Macro
17-55mm F2.8